Glaceladen, lettering / logo design

Carrosserie, type design
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The Unseen, exhibition catalogue

Ed Thompson / Four Corners Gallery, London


for showusyourtype

Modular, type design
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for PUNKTmagazin

Di Bennardo, visual identity
for ZürichTokio by Fabian Widmer

Stencil Allround, type design
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for showusyourtype

Laka Lab, visual identity

mucki, web design

Peter Bohn + Assoziierte, visual identity

88 bis 12 Arbeiten Peter Bohn + Assoziierte, book design

Florentine Klepper, web design

Seifert Hugues Architekten, brochure design

Die letzte Zeitung, editorial design
for Deutsche Journalistenschule DJS


Letterwerk is a design studio specialized in typography and type design based in Berlin and Zürich.

Letterwerk works on book and editorial design projects, visual identities,
orientation systems and exhibitions. Clients include individuals
just as companies and cultural institutions. By networking Letterwerk
guarantees high quality in every component.

Letterwerk is interested in fascinating projects. For more information contact us.


Letterwerk Zürich
Fabian Widmer, Am Wasser 100 H, CH-8049 Zürich

Letterwerk Berlin
Dominique Boessner, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 41, D-10999 Berlin